Beker Westhoektrofee

In 1999 6 clubs from the Westhoek region started the organization called the “Westhoektrofee” with the intention to promote the cooperation between the different clubs and organize a bicycle race each year.

To recruit participants, we also focused on Wallonia and Northern France.

WTC ‘De Ware Vijverclub’ Dikkebus, WTC ‘The Doortrappers’ Kemmel, FTP Poperinge, WTC ‘Bergdal’ Reningelst, WTC ‘Karel de Blauwer’ Roesbrugge and WTC ‘De Flandriens’ Voormezele were the first organizers. Over the years, the organizing clubs changed but the first 4 still are staying strong.

In 2020 we are proudly organizing the 22st edition.